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Introducing the ULTRA K3

The Kuhlman Ultra K3 with Bluetooth (BLE) interface is pioneering the next generation of data transmission to multiple devices and users

The 5000K, Now with GPS Mapping & Charting

The Kuhlman 5000-A Leak Detector is a low cost, accrate, portable Electronic Pressure Leak Tester designed to test any closed pressure system. It is specifically designed for testing residential and commercial gas distribution systems.

The next generation of pressure testing is here

Saving in time and man hours on the job. The Model 2000-A instrument will show a leak almost instantly, so that it can be repaired at once without waiting for a long period of time to determine if a leak exists.

Get Connected with our Accessories

With the new K-WAM bridge adapter, the Ultra K3 takes pressure testing to the next generation with KuhlSync BLE connectivity and GPS mapping including optional 24/7 monitoring from anyhere.



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