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Question: Is Kuhlman Instrument fluid environmentally hazardous?
o Answer: Kuhlman Instrument fluid is not poisonous and does not harm the environment. However, users should read the label attached to the fluid bottle and adhere to information herewith.

Question: Does the 2000-A instrument need to be calibrated?
o Answer: No, the instrument is mechanical by design and only self calibration is required. Self calibration is maintaining fluid level at the zero mark.

Question: Can I replace Kuhlman Instrument fluid with antifreeze?
o Answer: No, only Kuhlman fluid is acceptable.

Question: When storing the 2000-A what is the proper position, lying down or standing upright?
o Answer: The preferred position is upright in a protected location.

Question: Can I alter the 2000-A instrument in any way and still maintain the warranty?
o Answer: No, alterations in any form will disallow all warranties.

Question: Can I make repairs to the 2000-A instrument?
o Answer: No, repairs must be made by a certified Kuhlman Instrument repairperson.


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