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The Kuhlman Instrument was conceived in 1957 by Elwin April and Robert Dickman. The concept was a glass pressure gauge that measured inches and pounds of pressure. They sold the idea to Kuhlman Machine Company. Walt Kuhlman realizing the potential further developed the gauge to a pounds scale and higher pressure.

Kuhlman and partners, Steve Mullinex and Wayne Kinney, opened the Kuhlman Instrument Company. Many improvements and features were developed by the new team including leak proof valves and leak proof O-rings called the Tri-Seal Valve. The new company prospered due to dedicated management and an excellent product.

In 1982 James Lacy purchased Kuhlman exclusively. He preserved the quality and produced viable instruments, including the Electronic Leak Detector Model 5000A. With these reliable products sales increased in the United States, as well as, Canada and New Zealand.

Mark Lacy purchased the company from his father in 2001. Mark, President and CEO, is maintaining the Kuhlman quality while continuously seeking innovative development and marketing strategies.

As of January 2004 the Kuhlman Instrument Company celebrated 45 years of successful business.


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